Our team

Our Team

Our Team

Your body doesn't work in isolation, and neither do we. Each of our osteopaths hold specific areas of speciality, and work in a unique and cohesive way where we may momentarily draw on the skills and experience of our colleagues by momentarily bringing them into your consultation. Paired with the equally integral role of our admin team from the moment you enter our doors, we believe that we offer the very best care possible at every appointment – and is one of the many reasons that thousands of people have trusted Bodyworx with their health since 2003.

jeremy from bodyworx

Jeremy King

Director, Principal Osteopath OCNZ and ACC Registered, Member ONZ

Specialty – Resolving complex clinical cases

With over 25 years in practice, Jeremy is a highly skilled practitioner and is considered a specialist in treating complex issues to improve the daily lives of his clients. Jeremy loves how holistic osteopathy principles allow him to look much deeper, uncovering and understanding the deeper underlying causes behind the diverse and challenging problems his clients are experiencing, and what can be done to manage and resolve them.


Callum Farquharson

Senior Osteopath OCNZ and ACC Registered, Member ONZ

Specialty – Sports injuries, the stresses of everyday life as physical symptoms on the body

Coming from 15 years of national and international sporting success and more than 10 years as an osteopath, Callum has a comprehensive understanding of how injury and dysfunction affect your body at all ages and fitness levels, whether your work life is spent at a desk or climbing stairs, training for elite sports, or at school. Callum uses a range of specific structural and functional techniques to help his clients.

emily bodyworx

Emily King

Senior Osteopath OCNZ and ACC Registered

Specialty – Sports medicine

Emily’s passion for osteopathy began more than 10 years ago after suffering an injury as a competitive swimmer, in which osteopathy was a huge help in her recovery. Her mission is to see those involved in sports and recreational physical activity reach their goals and peak performance while avoiding injury. Emily is an equine osteopathic practitioner and is also part of a team of international osteopaths that offer osteopathic care to elephants in South East Asia.

favsta bodyworx

Favsta Fernandez

Senior Osteopath OCNZ and ACC Registered, Member ONZ

Specialty — Sporting injuries, having previously worked with NRL and cricket teams

Favsta holds her Masters in osteopathy, founding her treatment on the osteopathic principles of ‘the human being is a dynamic unit of function; the body possesses self-regulatory and self-healing mechanisms; and that structure and function are interrelated at all levels’. Favsta knows that people’s way of living and life experiences are all capable of influencing the entire body, and may leave them trapped in cycles of old patterns and reactions.

brooke from bodyworx

Brooke Riordan

Osteopath OCNZ and ACC Registered, Member ONZ

Specialty – Stress management, chronic and acute complaints, sport injuries and digestive complaints

Brooke is drawn to the holistic nature of osteopathy and its role in the lives and wellbeing of her patients. She places a high value on ensuring her patients feel well-informed and empowered, working collaboratively and using a range of techniques from the osteopathic structural-biomechanical model, as well as gentle visceral and indirect techniques. Brooke understands the demands that daily life has on our bodies, and works to minimise their impact while improving health and function.


Rochelle McKeown

Osteopath OCNZ and ACC Registered, Member ONZ

Speciality – Sports injuries, age related changes, chronic and acute presentations interfering with people's lives.

Rochelle takes a structural approach to treatment, tailored to the needs of each individual she sees. She recognises how emotional stressors and external factors can influence the body and believes in working alongside each individual to create lasting changes and empowerment to manage their health.


Luis Thomsen

Osteopath OCNZ and ACC Registered, Member ONZ

Specialty – Acute and chronic injuries, pain management, headaches, lower back pain and breathing dysfunctions. Luis’s Master’s research explored the relationship between breathing and anxiety

Luis was introduced to osteopathy at a young age – so young in fact, he can’t remember a time when it wasn’t part of his life. Drawn to the health care industry from an early age, Luis chose to focus on osteopathy due to its holistic nature. He enjoys developing a dialogue with each client in order to approach their individual challenges and ensure they feel involved and empowered in their treatment plan and recovery. Luis employs a variety of techniques including manipulation, soft tissue, stretching, and gentle joint articulation.