ostepathy for newborns



Birth is an intense experience for your baby, who gets subjected to hours of forceful pressure and ‘squeezes’ of contractions, followed by twisting and turning through the pelvis to enter the world, whether that’s naturally or with assistance. When your baby and their body is unable to release these physical strains and stresses experienced at birth, we see structural and functional impairments arise that create a wide variety of symptoms, such as poor sleeping patterns, difficulty suckling and feeding, irritability, favouring one side, colic, abnormal postures and more.

Our technique

As newborns can have a lot going on beneath the surface that can affect everything from their feeding to their sleeping, we prefer to take a hands-on approach over a ‘wait and see’ one. Our soft and gentle techniques can address these issues immediately, often resulting in a rapid and complete fix of the underlying problem, and therefore the symptoms you’re seeing. The nature of our treatment means that babies often visibly relax during their care. As small strains can become more noticeable as babies grow, having care early can often prevent the strains from turning into bigger problems, as just as the twig is bent, so grows the tree.